Office Design Idea

Welcome to INPRO’s Office Design Ideas & Office Renovation!

We provide an experienced and detailed consultancy service that can optimise your workspace through our office design services. Our in-house team of designers and consultants take your ideas and turn them into a workspace that meets all your needs. Getting your offices refurbished can be a fantastic way to attract talented graduates and improve your overall staff retention.

Office Design not only provides the opportunity to reconfigure a workplace, it can also improve employee satisfaction levels, decrease real estate costs and have a positive effect on productivity.

As a third-generation family-run business, we pride ourselves in the efficiency, loyalty, and reliability we demonstrate in every client’s project.

To achieve this and at the core of every project is our three-step approach, Consult, Create & Complete.

Office Workspace’s Three Simple Steps to Office Design Success

Consult – We carefully listen to your office design requirements while also developing an understanding of your organisation, its culture, ethos and objectives.

Create – We then combine your needs with our technical knowledge and extensive experience. Our expert office design team understand the need to work within a budget while developing spaces that inspire your staff and represent your organisation. From this collaborative approach, we create a solution inspired office design. The next step is the production of 3D designs and rendered visuals; now, you can see exactly how your new office space will be created.

Complete – Your dedicated project manager then attends to every detail, ensuring we deliver a seamless end to end project. And there’ll be no surprises over costs because we believe in transparency throughout the project, no hidden add-ons and no surprises.

The importance of office design

So why is office interior design so important?
  • Second home
Employees spend most of their days in the office, so eventually, the office becomes their second home. Thus, it is imperative to build a work environment that resembles a home; comfortable, homey and inviting. 
  • Reflection 
It’s important to customers because office design conveys the type of business it is. It reflects your brand, professionalism and success. 
  • Productivity
A well-designed office can create a positive environment to increase productivity, motivation and efficiency of employees.

Sustainable and Healthy Environment

This could include items such as the following three:

1. Healthy lighting
“Circadian lighting schemes have continued to pick up steam, owing to the fact that lighting has proven to be a huge factor in the wellbeing of building inhabitants,” says Sabrina Pagani, principal at The Switzer Group. She has clients asking for 
human-centric lighting to ensure occupants receive the right amount and type of light to help lessen seasonal depression and the fluctuation of melatonin levels throughout the day.

2. Relaxation support
Offer quiet spaces like privacy pods or rooms set aside for meditation or yoga; or apps or programs focusing on relaxation or disconnecting. “It’s about mental wellbeing,” notes Jamie Feuerborn, director of workplace strategy at Ted Moudis Associates.

3. Biophilic design
The concept that connects the user to nature could be as iteral as a green wall, but Feuerborn says it could be more suitable, like mindful and experiential designs that are inspired by nature in different ways, such as the angle of a ceiling or bringing shadow in from a window.

The most leading-edge companies are asking for sustainable solutions for their interiors, Preston explains. “As we become more mindful about our lives and the hundreds of daily choices we make, we are more aware of what can positively influence our health and wellbeing.”